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As wakeboard’s direct cousin, wakeskate seduces an increasingly greater public. Stemming from skateboard, it is practiced without shoes and gives you an immediate feeling of freedom and smoothness. Skateboard lovers will be able to reproduce the tricks that they perform on the streets.


You will of course be able to count on our certified instructors’ advice to improve and progress with each of your runs.


We will accompany you from your first ride to perfecting your skills, at your own pace, without ever forgetting the house’s three watchwords:



1 run ____________________30€

1 lesson__________________50€


Our subscriptions :


5 runs __________________140€

5 lessons________________200€

10 runs _________________260€

20 runs _________________480€

Duration run :          about 10 minutes

Duration lesson :     about 12 minutes

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Groups, work councils, schools trips, events (bachelor/bachelorette party), birthdays, etc...